Understanding Zombies

I get it now. Zombies. 3am. Your wife is out of town. The dog is restless. You’re staring out your telescope in the driveway.

It’s so late the neighbors don’t even know you’re weird. But R U?

“Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf is on the radio right b4 dawn and you’re the only one that notices the ISS sailing across the sky.

So who do you tell?

Not everyone will understand.

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Wedding Story Published!

“Wedding Bouquet” the latest anthology from Patchwork Path and the Choice Publishing Group includes a piece by me about my pirate-themed wedding in Las Vegas.

The anthology includes many intriguing and funny wedding stories from authors all around the world and I feel honored to be included in it.

To order go to www.patchworkpathbooks.com and click “More details” under “Wedding Bouquet” or simply click here. The anthology costs $15.95 but shipping is free!

Don’t forget to mention my name in the “How did you hear about us?” section of the order form. Laura and I will be happy to sign your copy the next time we see you. (or when I’m signing copies of “For Rent: Dangerous Paradise” next year at your local Barnes & Noble ;- )

The anthology makes a great gift for any would-be brides, grooms, or their parents. I guarantee that the story of our fun, wacky wedding, along with many of the others, will definitely bring a smile and maybe even a tear or two on your face.

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Too Windy for Music

Tonight’s Steve Miller concert on the Palazzo at the M Resort was just canceled due to high winds. Would a tea bagger convention also have been canceled or would they have let the hot air fly?

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I Don’t Say Much Here For Some Reason

I Don’t Say Much Here For Some Reason. Which Is So Odd Because I Have Many Opinions Daily About Various Things.

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More Incredible Hubble Pics!

Hubba-Hubba Hubble Nebula!

Hubba-Hubba Hubble Nebula!

I know some of the links I’ve posted have since been archived and are no longer accessible, so that’s why you should take advantage now!

These are really incredible and should provide hope, promise and inspiration for any current situation. (I’d be happy to explain why if you don’t already know.)



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Earth Day Reality

On Earth Day I picked up someone’s Bank of Nevada ATM deposit receipt that was blowing in the park while I walked Zazzy. So is the stereotype true? Are literbugs truly stupid?

“Online Access Granted. Funds Transfer Complete” are my second favorite words in the Universe! (“It’s nice to see you again, Oprah” are still #1.)

On the upside, the economy here in Nevada must be improving because the transaction was a deposit not a withdrawal. It wasn’t for much but trends blowing in the wind are trends blowing in the wind, right?

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So Long Overdue!

I should have printed out the manuscript to my novel last year. There’s nothing better than editing a hard copy! Dang! Get ready world!

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Winter Olympic Games

I am aware that the Winter Olympic Games are sort of falling under the radar this year, but as a big fan of the city of Vancouver and someone just coming from a Vegas Saturday night show, let me say THESE GAMES ROCK. SHORT TRACK IS ILL!!!

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A Look Behind Sports Book Operations

Had one of my first interview pieces published on the e-zine Living-Las-Vegas today. I had the pleasure of meeting the Specialty Games Manager for Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas this week, Frank Kunovic III. He answered my questions and graciously showed me around the joint. Not bad. Now I want to be a sports book “writer” so that I can start contributing to the family well-being and at the same time put the finishing touches on my novel at night!

Check it out: “A Look Behind the Book” on Living-Las-Vegas.com!

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Avatar: what an amazing film!

Finally saw Avatar last night. It’s the most amazing film I’ve ever seen in my whole life! Today I found out that James Cameron plans to make a sequel. Fortunately, it shouldn’t take nine years to make like the first one did!

Neytiri has cat-like reflexes and appeal.

Neytiri has cat-like reflexes and appeal.

After this latest (much appreciated!) rain moves through Vegas, I’m looking forward to getting to the bookstore to browse any Avatar books. Apparently James Cameron plans to write a series of comic books or novels based on the Na’vi and life on Pandora, as well as a reference “bible” to avoid mythos confusion..

In a thousand years, if I can’t be an archeologist digging through the sand drifts and re-discovering Venice Beach, I’d like to be a 12-foot tall, skinny blue-dude from Pandora! Anyone else?

(Tip: if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, spring for the 3-D glasses and keep them. There is going to be a whole string of 3-D movies this summer including Alice Returns to Wonderland with Johnny Depp.)

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