A Blip on the Radar

Today is Friday, January 18, 2013.

We’re well past the apocalypse and things seem to be making a little more sense lately.

Until tonight. I watch this movie called (don’t be alarmed) “Jesus Henry Christ” and it hit me like “Napoleon Dynamite”, “Garden State” and “The Princess Bride” did all those many, many long, consecutive years ago.

Once again, it’s called “Jesus Henry Christ”.

But don’t look it up on Google.

The publicity and web-site are currently terrible. Even the story summary on the home page is in tiny font and unbelievably boring to read.

Stream it and watch it anyway. Decide for yourself if it wasn’t better than watching the evening news.

It’s available on Netflix. It might even still be in some cool theaters in cool big cities.


Find it.

Watch it.

But, don’t feel bad if you have to rewind to play some parts over again. It’s a good movie, but there are some complicated relationships and one key story point in particular is not emphasized enough.

Other recent movie recommendations: “Craigslist Joe”, “Queen of Versailles” and oh, yeah, once again, “Jesus Henry Christ”.

(If nothing else you might learn where the H comes from!)


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