ASTEROIDS? Maybe Jared was right!

FRDP Final Cover

FRDP Final Cover

Jared Doffelsberger is a fictional, paranoid astronomer who rents an apartment in the dangerous paradise of Venice Beach, California. He’s a big, some might say lumbering nerd who keeps a small sailboat in nearby Marina del Rey. He is known for his awkwardness around other people in the building … and his paranoia about surviving the impact of NEO-487, a big ass asteroid approaching Earth that he found in the night sky.

Today and tomorrow, my fiction crossed paths with our reality.

At 5AM EST this morning an asteroid 120 feet wide passed between the Earth and our moon. Tomorrow, it’s much larger cousin, a 3 MILE wide monster known as 4170 Toutatis, will pass 4.3 million miles from the Earth (which is relatively close in astronomical terms) on its once every 2.7 year swing by our fragile, little blue marble.

A wild, though timely coincidence in light of the still pending release of “FOR RENT: Dangerous Paradise”, which at this point is hopefully next month, aka the post-apocalyptic month of January 2013.

Jared – here’s a shout out to ya’! I hope the world gets to fall in love with you soon!

(In the meantime, here’s a cool reminder why we should remember to enjoy life, even just a little, everyday. Because our celestial footprint is perilously precarious, even when we don’t know it!)



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