Banff Springs Wedding!

This is our totally authentic Alberta, Canada sleigh ride cowboy who led us to the frozen falls at Banff Lake on February 9, 2008 the day before Joy Burkhardtand Jay Hasler’s wedding.

(Joy was my wife’s “Wench of Honor” at our pirate wedding in Las Vegas on November 25, 2005. More about her later. She’s a trip.)

This pic is funny because as we were are totally freezing our asses off, he was telling us how he goes to Las Vegas and the South Point Casino every Fall for the annual Rodeo Fest. The South Point Casino is my favorite locals casino in Vegas and it’s not far from where I’m currently residing.

So there we are, in Canada freezing our asses off as a local cowboy was telling US how much he loved Vegas!.

I raised (and raise again!) my flask to him!

More pics to follow.

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