Barack’s Facebook plea regarding health care

This is what I had to say in response to “Barack Obama” in regards to his recent Facebook plea to contact my local representative regarding the upcoming “health care” vote. WARNING: this might seem like a bitter pill (on multiple levels) to many of you, but here’s what I just posted on his link:

“Hey! Wake the $&* up! It’s not reform without a public option! I didn’t know you were going to be a pansy for the insurance companies, Barack!

Why don’t you go ahead and give more of our tax dollars to Wall Street executives so they can pay out lavish bonuses for jobs poorly done while you’re at it ?

And don’t forget to escalate the wars we voted for you to end!

All hail Bush III.”

Hopefully, this dose of reality will change everything and intelligent change will be put back on course.

Yeah, I’m an unbridled optimist, with unbridled enthusiasm. Just like Billy Mumphey.

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