E-publishing Irony

http://www.venicedude.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/For.Rent_.eBook_.Cover2_.smallerjpg.jpgHaving my novel “For Rent: Dangerous Paradise” accepted last year by e-publisher, Writers Exchange, has led to the past week of release anticipation. Ironically, the electronic versions (Kindle, Nook, iPad, HTML) are still on their way into cyberspace but early print editions of the book are available here!

Print versions will be available on Amazon by early next week and they should be available for order through Barnes & Noble and other bookstores towards the end of September.

Meanwhile, I’m busy preparing for a presentation to the Las Vegas Writers Group on Thursday about my lessons learned as a newbie e-pubber. I’m centering it around the idea of using Decision Trees to manage expectations in the e-publishing world.

This article on Living-Las-Vegas   is about that and a writers conference in October “Fiction Writing in the Digital Age” here in Vegas.

Busy, busy, busy and missing any chance to work on the sequel, “For Rent: Dangerous Neon”.


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