I Don’t Say Much Here For Some Reason

I Don’t Say Much Here For Some Reason. Which Is So Odd Because I Have Many Opinions Daily About Various Things.

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  1. Tom C says:

    Wow !
    Since the Tea Party is discouraging people from paying taxes and government spending, our public education system is likely to deteriorate even further.

    I don’t watch “Fix” News.
    They just piss me off and ruin the day.

    Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck etc aren’t journalists. They’re just pitchmen saying outrageous things to sell more advertising and their latest self-indulgent book.


  2. Venicedude says:


    Very tempting.

    There’s a lot to say. The fact that BP is now denying management of the facility is especially mind-boggling. Lighting the whole mess on fire must really have been un-welcomed news for the shoreline business owners and residents!

    But what I’d like to know is, how many people believe Rush Limbaugh’s “hippie frogmen” sabotage idea? The number of people in this country that cocoon their otherwise functioning brains within the Fox News agenda is staggering, dis-heartening and cause for radical alarm. People without direct ties to the oil industry supporting the GOP just doesn’t make any sense unless they are at the root only hiding their indignant xenophobia with hypocrisy.

    It’s not a coincidence that both the lunatic fringe AND core of the GOP are White racists. Yet the irony is that they are so unrelenting in their subservience to the black tar of oil and Arab influence. For a political party that waves the flag so vigorously it just doesn’t make sense. Yet, the GOP mouthpiece, Fox “News” has made a “green job” and a “green economy” synonymous with communism in order to keep America subservient to the foreign oil tit. Rupert Murdoch, George Bush(s), Sarah Palin and the rest of the GOP have a vested interest in oil so they will NEVER change.


    Most sentient human beings around the globe cannot!

    The GOP simply endeavors to keep us living in fear and clutching our guns, aiming at everyone and everything that inclines us to think for ourselves.

    I pray everyday that people will stop taking the easy, finger-pointing crack that Fox News spews forth 24/7. I can only hope that the majority will start truly thinking for themselves and their own best interests in a global economy and realize that oil isn’t going to light a bright future for anyone, especially us.

    Unfortunately though, the Reagan/Bush legacy of repeatedly lowering median test scores has left us with two, going on three generations of nearly illiterate, scared sheep who don’t read, can’t spell and avoid thinking. Yet they have a very important decision to make every they go to the polls. They have the opportunity to vote for either Big Oil interests or a world-leading, pro-active green economy. The choice seems simple. But it’s actually quite hard for xenophobes who simply fear anyone that doesn’t look like them.

    But no, politely I decline to take this opportunity to rant about the ruptured oil rig on the Gulf Coast that at this moment is spilling millions of gallons of oil into an otherwise pristine food and water resource of the planet. The fact that the best proposed solution for the rupture so far is to drill another rig on the opposite end of the oil field would seem comical if it weren’t so tragic.

  3. Tom C says:

    How ’bout a rant about the Gulf Coast oil spill ?
    Where’s Sarah Palin now ?
    “Spill baby, spill !”

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