Isabella can change people’s attitudes!

Isabella Rossellni is an incredible person.  Just by spending time with Dean Kamen and exploring the DEKA labs shows what kind of person she is.  She is brilliant and beautiful and an example for all so-called leaders.  I hope Barack Obama gives her a prominent cabinet position in his administration.

“The technology is the easy part.  Figuring out …what drives people is the hard part.” – paraphrased Dean Kamen

(Isabella got those words televised and heard on the Sundance Channel series “Iconoclasts” because she too is a visionary!  She recognizes greatness and genius because she was born into a genius household.  Consider the risks her starlet mother (Ingrid Bergman) took latching onto an Italian filmmaker post WW2 with a voice of reason and retribution.  Although he was never accepted by the U.S. media, he polarized thought between the educated and the privileged.  She has followed in his footsteps and now gives a small platform for genius’s like Dean Kamen to offer the world solutions instead of problems.  Too bad bull-headed ignorance is the norm over progress.)

I wish I was still living in New York.  I would like to buy Isabella a glass of wine.  I think our dogs would get along too!  I’m afraid Mr. Kamen might scoff at my Trader Joe’s wine palette, but nonetheless, if ever i got the chance to buy him a glass of wine, i’d spend my last nickel on it.

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