Lost But Looking Up in a WordPress Maze

As the admin of Writers of Southern Nevada’s website I accidentally deleted the blog last night while trying to post a new post about one of our members new book release. Four hours later I couldn’t figure out how to fix what I had done.

So this morning I jumped onto my old site www.venicedude.com since I built it from scratch using WordPress and know the settings a little better (I did not build the WSN site but I have been keeping it updated the last two years since WSN lost awesome web guru Peggy Richardson.)

Dinking around for the last three hours and digging out my old copy of “WordPress for Dummies” has, so far, helped me improve www.venicedude.com and if this post lands where I hope it will how I hope it will, I plan to reattempt to fix my boo-boo on the WSN site.

If something goes wrong, I will probably go for a walk so that I can mumble to myself without disturbing my wife who is working in her office downstairs.

I am by no means a WP expert. Far, far from it. But I’ve learned a little bit about Categories and Templates and Menu Bars in the last twelve hours and now I feel bold enough to attend a WordPress Meetup here in Las Vegas and ask someone for help.

At least I can now describe what I don’t know using some of their own vernacular ….


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