On Being a Fan of a Character or Story!


A most interesting query was posted on a suspense/thriller writers group

I’m part of:  would you consider writing a sequel on someone else’s work?

I respond in the affirmative and thus:

My simple answer is: yes.  But with some of the caveats already mentioned here by other writers.  I would have to be a huge fan.  And I would have to see it as an honor to attempt to carry on the legacy set down by another writer.

With that said, I’ve always wanted to write a sequel to:

Huckleberry Finn
Catcher in the Rye
and Waterworld.

I’ve fantasized about contributing to the legacy of:
Lestat de Lioncourt
James Bond
The Lord of the Rings
Mike Hammer
Sam Spade
Dorothy Parker and the Round Table
Jay Gatsby’s grand-daughter
Frida Kahlo
Paul Gauguin
Patty Hearst
and Lizzie Bordon.

Writers write.  Ideally they write about what they love.  Whether that involves fanfic fare or their own it doesn’t matter.  Passion with words is evident on the page or on the stage (of Life).



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  1. Venicedude says:

    Oh, I accidentally left out:

    T’Pols child by Captain Archer
    7 0f Nine
    and Babylon 5

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